Learn SaltStack Config

Learn SaltStack Config

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Welcome to the Authentication Page


The Authentication workspace allows administrators to configure user identity and access management for SaltStack Config. Using this workspace you can configure various authentication integrations:
  • Single Sign-On authentication (SSO) for an Identity Provider (IdP) that uses the SAML or OAuth protocols.
  • Access management for directory services that use the LDAP protocol, such as Active Directory Domain Services.

Configuring LDAP Connection

NameName of LDAP Connection
HostLDAP Host Server Address
PortPort where LDAP server is configured. Default is 389.
Background SyncSaltStack Config validates all users and group against this authnetication in set interval
Auth Base DNBase LDAP Name ex.: DC=corp,DC=local,DC=com
Admin Bind DNAdministrator DN ex.: cn=Admin,cn=Users,dc=corp,dc=local
Auth Bind DN FilterFilter applied to select a specific user. ex.: (objectclass=person)
Last updated on 20 Aug 2021
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